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Inspire2016 delegates

Dr Galvin's series of lectures..excellent presentation slides and explanation of the principles of lung structure, mechanics and pathology and how that relates to radiological appearances. Excellent speaker.

Professor Galvin was excellent, a real stand out. His approach to thinking about radiology from a fundamental, common sense background has changed the way I think about interpreting radiology a respiratory trainee. I also received valuable insight into how the pathologist/radiologist may interpret the relevant

findings, and how it may not always fit the clinical picture.



..Galvin and Franks both amazing speakers

...I liked all of Jeffrey Galvin's lectures. He had a unique way about talking about lung disease, which made it relevant and practical. I also really enjoyed the combined lectures of Teri Franks and Jeffrey Galvin, as it made it easier to understand the disease process.

Dr Parm Naidoo

"Associate Professor Parm Naidoo"

Good patient care is about teamwork and collaboration, dialogue between radiologists and surgeons.

Professor Naidoo is the catalyst of that dialogue which sets him apart from his radiological colleagues. We have worked together at Monash Health, Dandenong for over 10 years and his willingness and ability to teach diagnostic imaging to radiology trainees and surgeons is legendary!"


Associate Professor Bruce P Waxman OAM FRACS FRCS FACS

Director, Academic Surgical Unit, Monash Health, Monash University, Dandenong Hospital

Director of Medical Services, Epworth Richmond

Medical Director, Skills and Education Centre, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

March 4, 2014



"Associate Professor Parm Naidoo has an established reputation as a teacher of Radiology to undergraduate students, trainees in all post graduate disciplines as well as medical and surgical specialists. The radiology training program at his health service is renowned for an extremely high pass rate amongst radiology trainees. His ability to explain medical imaging  in a manner that is clear, concise and also enables the learner, has won him many accolades in undergraduate and post-graduate teaching. Parm's ability to bring radiology to the clinician and connect with the clinical question makes him unique among Radiology teachers."

Professor Michelle Leech MBBS (Hons) FRACP PhD

Deputy Dean, Director MBBS, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences,

Monash University

Consultant Rheumatologist












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